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Carreras: "Bariloche is ready to receive the Expo 2027".

Governor Arabela Carreras gave details of her visit to Paris, where she promoted Bariloche's candidacy to be the venue for the International Specialized Expo 2027, and remarked the progress made in energy matters after the meeting with authorities of the International Energy Agency.

Fecha: 2 de diciembre de 2022
Governor Carreras reviewed several points of her visit to Paris.Crédito: Government of Río Negro

The Governor emphasized the mission carried out in the European country with the aim of achieving the necessary support for Bariloche to be the venue in 2027/2028 of the World Specialized Expo under the name "Nature and Technology".

She also had a meeting with authorities and professionals from the International Energy Agency (IEA), where she explained the progress of the Río Negro green hydrogen production project.

"We did very well. Our city is at the level for an application of this type. The meeting in Paris was attended by the most important authorities related to the subject, which shows the interest of the city, the province and the country to host this Expo," said Carreras, in a conversation with LU19.

She reminded that a commission of the International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE), the organization in charge of defining the EXPO venue, has already visited the city of Bariloche and highlighted "the possibilities linked to technological development".

"Next year we have to present a more technical seminar, with details of the project. We estimate that June will be the date of election. We are competing with different proposals and we were at the level of the circumstances", she explained.

Positive aspects of the green agenda

During the meeting at the IEA, the Governor explained that there was an interactive dialogue on the world's energy situation, while Rio Negro presented its initiative to develop clean energy, mainly Green Hydrogen in the Sierra Grande area.

"We presented the progress of our Green Hydrogen plan to all developed countries, which observe the potential for this type of energy development as a transition opportunity. We had a very positive feedback from the technical team," she concluded.

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